Adastamp vs PandaDoc Comparison Table

Compliant with legal regulations and be accepted by courts With QES device used Yes
Integration with smart contracts Yes No
Signature visible in a document Yes(M2) Yes
Storage of documents Yes Yes
“Decentralized storage” Yes
Sharing of documents Yes Yes
Notifications Yes Yes
Signing workflow Yes Yes
Document templates Yes Yes
Filling forms Yes Yes
Open-source solution Yes No
Long-term signatures Yes No

[PandaDoc]( is a complex, unified solution for signing documents, which allows preparing document templates and forms to be filled by converting existing PDF or Word documents or even by creating them from scratch in a visual environment. A template may include text fields to be filled by a signer, as well as signature placeholders that specify locations of signatures. Documents are stored in a proprietary format in PandaDoc's own storage. The solution notifies signers by e-mail and allows them to define the signing order.