Sign and Store

Sign and Store

AdaStamp lets you store and sign documents in a totally decentralized way. Documents are stored on IPFS storage. Signatures are stored on the Cardano blockchain. There is no centralized service provider. You can specify signers of your document, and they will be notified about the need to sign. You will be notified as soon as the document gets signed by everyone.

Document signatures #

Blochchain private/public key cryptography incorporated in Cardano wallets can be perfectly used to create digital signatures, and the blockchain is a perfect place to store these signatures in a decentralized, yet safe way. Blockchain entries - once created - cannot be altered nor deleted, so digital signatures stored in that way are non-repudiable.

Document storage #

Documents are stored on the IFPS decentralized storage, in a safe, encrypted form. Each document is pinned, so that it will not be removed from IPFS for a certain amount of time. This storage time can be extended according to your archiving requirements.